A message to prospective LCAN communities

Updated message to prospective LCAN communities 7/17/2021

In late March, Iowa College Aid announced the postponement of the FY 2021 LCAN grant application process for new communities. At that time, we shared the intent to accept applications from new communities for a six-month grant period from January to June, before moving into an opportunity for a full year of funding in FY 2022.  

Iowa College Aid continued to assess the situation. We have determined that the best course moving forward is to postpone accepting applications from new communities until the start of the FY 2022 grant year. Factors involved in this decision included budgeting, planning, and the prolonged nature of the pandemic.  

We are sorry to inform you of this news, especially if you were planning to submit an application in the fall for a January to June grant. However, we feel strongly that this is the most prudent decision we can make with the information now available to us.  

We will update LCAN grant information on the Iowa College Aid website prior to the FY 2022 application cycle. Thank you for your continued work through adverse times. We appreciate your understanding as we all work to make the best decisions we can each step of the way through this pandemic.

—Iowa College Aid LCAN Staff