Postsecondary Registration - Iowa Code Chapter 261B

Registration Application Process for Iowa Code Chapter 261B

A school that must register with the Commission must complete the application supplied by the Commission. The registration application process is a desk audit.  Completed applications must be provided to the Commission’s postsecondary registration administrator in both paper and electronic format. Paper format is required for the Commission’s review of the application; electronic format is required pursuant to Iowa Code, which requires the Commission to post the school's application on its web site.

Application for Registration (Authorization) of Postsecondary Schools under Iowa Code Chapter 261B

The registration term is 2 years.  For a a school that is approved for registration for the first time, the 2-year registration term begins on the date of the Commission’s initial registration approval and ends on the same calendar date 2 years later.  A registered school must renew its registration application every 2 years.  For a renewal applicant, the registration re-application is considered timely if it is received on or before the school’s existing registration term ending date.  Schools are strongly encouraged to submit registration renewal applications six months in advance of the existing registration term ending date.  The Commission cannot guarantee that a renewal applicant will be evaluated and approved for renewal registration before the school’s existing registration term ending date.  Therefore, regardless of when the Commission approves a registration renewal, the renewal term will begin on the day after the school’s preceding registration term ended.

Additional Requirements

Postsecondary Educational Programs Offered Under a School's Registration

Educator Preparation and Nursing Programs


Student Consumer Information Disclosure, Policy and Reporting Requirements

School Status with Other Oversight Agencies

Compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 714

Registration Exemptions

Schools that are exempt from registering in Iowa must fall under one of two categories listed in Iowa Code Section 261B.11.  Read More


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