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Iowa College Aid

Student Complaints

Iowa College Aid accepts questions, concerns, or complaints from any student attending an Iowa postsecondary school, regardless of the student's state of residency, and from an Iowa resident attending any postsecondary school in the United States.

How do I file a complaint?

Iowa College Aid has created a Student Complaint Form to accept a student’s questions, concerns, or complaint related to a postsecondary school. A student may also contact Iowa College Aid toll-free at 877-272-4456.

What happens next?

Iowa College Aid will review submitted forms and determine the appropriate course of action. Actions may include, but are not limited to: contacting the student, requesting additional information or documentation from the student or school, contacting the school in question and/or referral to another agency. Iowa College Aid may share a copy of the student complaint with the school.  In all cases, the student will receive a written response to his or her complaint, and the form will be retained for Iowa College Aid's records.

Can I submit an anonymous complaint?

Iowa College Aid will not accept an anonymous complaint.

Can I submit a complaint regarding a course grade?

Iowa College Aid will not investigate complaints regarding course grades.

Can you help obtain my transcripts?

Iowa College Aid cannot assist with a complaint from a person who has been refused a transcript because of an outstanding debt the individual owes to the school he/she attended.

It is common for a school to have such a policy. Schools publicly disclose this policy, at minimum, in the school catalog, on a web-based transcript request page, and/or in other disclosures provided to enrolled students that relate to the payment of tuition, fee, and other charges. Thus, a person’s claim that he or she was not aware of the policy is not persuasive. A person who is refused a transcript by a school to whom the individual owes a debt should contact the school to establish an arrangement that is satisfactory to the school to repay the debt in full.

Can you help obtain my transcripts from a school that closed in Iowa?

Iowa College Aid has no authority under Iowa law to preserve and disseminate transcripts from Iowa schools that closed. However, Iowa College Aid maintains a directory to assist students in obtaining their school records. If you do not find your school on this list, please contact the Postsecondary Authorization Team for assistance.  

Whom do I contact?

For further information, contact the Postsecondary Authorization Team