Local College Access Networks (LCANs)

Our COVID-19 Response

The Iowa College Aid LCAN team is working to adapt and respond to the ever-changing needs of Iowa LCAN communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the scroll below for the latest COVID-19 related information and resources. Further down the page, you will find updated grant calendars for new and returning grantees. These calendars reflect changes implemented in response to COVID-19.

Iowa College Aid works with communities across the state to address workforce needs and increase educational attainment through the Local College Access Network (LCAN) grant series. Iowa College Aid provides consultation and funding to select Iowa networks, using the Collective Impact framework to increase college attainment at the local and statewide level.

Key Partners

  • Community colleges
  • Area private colleges
  • PK-12 school districts
  • Area education agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Community action agencies
  • Community foundations
  • County or city elected officials
  • Economic development agencies
  • Traditionally underserved communities/populations
  • Faith communities
  • Major employers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public libraries
  • Service organizations
  • Workforce development agencies
  • Sector boards









Year I

  • Quad Cities Can

Year II

  • Black Hawk County CAN
  • Carroll Area CAN
  • Latinos CAN*
  • OPT-in CAN for System Involved Youth*
  • Queer Supports Advisory Team (QSAT)*
  • Story County CAN

Year III

Year IV

Former grantee

  • Estherville CAN
  • Sioux City CAN

*statewide network


LCAN Grant Series

Iowa College Aid offers a four-year series of grants to Iowa communities to build Local College Access Networks using the Collective Impact framework. The LCAN grant series is intended as seed funding for locally driven collaborative measures. Iowa College Aid also welcomes applications from initiatives that are focused on serving a specific population within Iowa. Sustainability of LCANs and their initiatives should be considered beginning in the exploratory phase of the grant process and will be addressed throughout the grant series. View Grants-at-a-Glance 3.0 for a high-level view of what the grant funds; funding amounts and match requirements by year; grant deliverables for each year (including the exploratory, pre-application phase); and a summary of how each year progresses, building on the previous year.    

For more information on Collective Impact or the LCAN Grant series, please contact Anne Thomas.

LCAN Readiness Survey

Take our survey to determine if your community is prepared to submit a Letter of Intent to apply for LCAN grant funds, or if more work is needed to become "LCAN-ready." Contact Anne Thomas to take the LCAN Readiness Survey and learn more about the LCAN grant series for your community.

LCAN Grant Calendar (Adjusted Due to COVID-19)

FY 2021 Grant Calendar
April 15 RFP's issued for July 1 - June 30 grant cycle
May 1 Grant application opens on IowaGrants
June 1 or first Monday thereafter Grant application closes on IowaGrants
June 1 - June 30 Grant review process
July 1 Award letters sent and new grant year begins
July 1- July 15 Negotiation period for any stipulations, budget revisions, requests for additional information
July 15- July 30 Contracts and Schedule of Reports and Deliverables issued for July 1 - June 30 grant cycle
August 30 First monthly claims due
October (dates TBA) Iowa LCAN Convening
January 1 Six Month Progress Report due
Collective Impact Theory and Research Resources Postsecondary Data

Partner Resources

Iowa College Aid LCAN Data