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What is “going to college” (summer melt prevention)?

Once students choose a college, they still need to take major steps during the summer between high school graduation and the start of college classes. Course to College programming fights “summer melt” by ensuring that students fulfill their requirements before their courses begin, setting them up for success on Day One.

Why is summer melt prevention important?

Every year, 10-40 percent of high school graduates in the U.S. who have completed steps like applying and being accepted to college, submitting a FAFSA or even sending a college deposit, fail to show up on campus in the fall. This phenomenon is called summer melt. Summer melt happens when prospective college students’ motivation to go to college “melts away” during the summer months after high school graduation.

How does Course to College support summer melt prevention?

“Go” aims to reduce the rate of summer melt by providing additional resources, support and guidance to prospective students between high school graduation and the first day of classes. High schools participating in the Course to College program receive supportive resources and materials through a Shared Resource Folder and technical assistance from Iowa College Aid for how to best use these. Resources for summer melt prevention include a Summer Transition Checklist, summer melt rate calculation, texting campaign content, social media campaign content, and more.

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