Financial Responsibility Exemptions

Which schools qualify for a financial responsibility exemption?

Examples of schools that may qualify for a financial responsibility exemption under Iowa Code Section 714.19 include:

  • Public colleges and universities
  • Iowa colleges and universities that meet the institutional eligibility criteria for the Iowa Tuition Grant program
  • Schools of nursing that offer programs approved by a State Board of Nursing
  • Schools that charge no fees for their educational courses or programs
  • Educational courses and programs offered by professional, business, or farming organizations for the members or employees of members of the organization
  • Flight schools

What must a school do to qualify for a financial responsibility exemption?

A school that believes it qualifies for a financial responsibility exemption must complete a Financial Responsibility Exemption Application. Instructions are provided on the cover page of the application. The application requires the school to disclose information about the school; describe the school’s courses or programs; select the exemption for which the school believes it qualifies; and explain how the school meets the conditions of that exemption.

Who do I contact?

For further information, contact the Postsecondary Authorization Team.