FAFSA Awareness Week

October 11-15, 2021

Iowa College Aid, ICAN, and FAFSA stakeholders are partnering together to promote October 11-15, 2021 as Iowa FAFSA Awareness Week. 

As efforts around FAFSA completion in Iowa have increased, the state has seen an overall decrease in FAFSA completion over the last four years, particularly with high school seniors. By promoting and hosting various events related to FAFSA completion, there is hope to increase awareness around the importance of the FAFSA and why it's relevant to students pursuing various postsecondary pathways, break down common barriers to completion, and build capacity of Iowans to assist our students in completing the FAFSA.

Iowa College Aid and ICAN are hosting a series of events throughout the week to address these factors. Both organizations provide free direct services to students, assist high schools in planning and coordination efforts of FAFSA completion events, and raise awareness around the importance of the FAFSA. They are taking a united front in pursuing FAFSA awareness and completion, ensuring Iowans are prepared, confident, and empowered to begin and complete the FAFSA.

FAFSA Facts Infographic

FAFSA Toolkit

FAFSA Awareness Week Events:

  • FAFSA Report Training - Iowa offers student FAFSA completion reports to every high school in the state. Join this training to learn more about the report, how to utilize it to maximize FAFSA completion with your students, and how to interpret FAFSA completion data for your high school.
  • FAFSA Certification Training - Course to College Partner Sites are eligible to receive FAFSA Certification Training through ICAN. Iowa College Aid is offering an exclusive training session on Tuesday, October 12 from 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. for eligible partners. All Course to College Partner sites have been notified about the training and provided with the registration link.
  • Virtual Statewide FAFSA Completion Event - ICAN advisors will walk through how to complete the FAFSA form step-by-step and answer questions along the way. From student dependency status to which parent is reported on the FAFSA, they will cover all of the tricky questions about income and assets, explain how to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and cover next steps once the FAFSA form is submitted. Join this session ready to complete your FAFSA!

Promotional FAFSA Resources:

  • Iowa College Aid's Virtual College Coach is free and can be accessed two ways, through text or appointment. Students can opt-in to receive personalized text messages through any step of their college-going journey. They can ask specific questions to their personal situation and the virtual coach will help them track down answers and get their steps completed!

Click here to receive texts

Click here to set up a virtual appointment

  • FAFSA Ready Iowa also provides free FAFSA completion assistance. One-on-one appointments can be scheduled either in a virtual or in-person setting by visiting ICANsucceed.org/apt. Or visit ICANsucceed.org/fafsareadyiaevents and find an event near you for assistance. Some events are walk-in and some are hosted by schools or communities and require an appointment. If your school district has an event listed, contact your school counselor to sign-up to attend.
  • ICAN Senior Alerts is a free e-alert system for students in their senior year. It provides reminders on admission, financial aid information, scholarship announcements, and more. To sign-up visit ICANsucceed.org.