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What is applying for college?

As part of a national effort to assist students, especially those from underserved populations, Course to College programming promotes a statewide college application campaign. Participating schools offer time throughout the school day for students to complete an application and assist them in navigating the admissions process.

Why is applying for college important?

Submitting an application is one of the first steps in getting to college and an important indicator of whether a student will enroll in postsecondary education upon graduation. Applying lets students know what their opportunities are and can help in their decision-making process. While applying, it is important to keep in mind colleges that are both a good match and fit for a student to prevent under matching, especially among underrepresented students.

How does Course to College support applying for college?

Course to College programming supports a college application campaign in the month of October. The campaign is a specific time period where participating high schools offer time and space for students to complete an application during the school day. Many schools accomplish this through offering time to complete an application within a required senior course to ensure they reach all of their seniors.

Schools participating in the Course to College program receive supportive resources and materials through a Shared Resource Folder and technical assistance from Iowa College Aid to best use these resources. Resources for college applications include weekly collaboration calls with other schools, student survey data reports, “I Applied” stickers for students, and more.

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