Administrative Rules

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission adopts Administrative Rules to implement legislation found in Iowa Code Chapter 261, Iowa Code Chapter 261B, and Iowa Code Chapter 261G. These Administrative Rules are title 283 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

Administrative Rules Review

The Rules Docket published on this website is the official docket for Iowa College Aid. Executive Order Number Nine, signed by Governor Tom Vilsack on September 14, 1999, requires each agency of the Executive Branch of Iowa government to maintain a rulemaking docket and to publish the docket on the agency's website for public review.

The public is invited to comment on any Administrative Rule under Iowa College Aid's authority. Items that appear on our Rulemaking Docket specify a deadline by which comments must be received. Persons wishing to comment may do so by emailing Iowa College Aid's Agency Rules Administrator, Todd Brown.

Iowa College Aid's Rulemaking Docket

Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules Regulatory Plan

In accordance with Iowa Code 17A.9A, granted or denied waivers to administrative rules are reported on the Iowa Legislature website. To view agency waivers, click on Search Waivers, select College Student Aid Commission from the list on the Iowa Legislature website, and click Search Waivers.

The Commission updates the state’s website each time a request for a waiver is received to ensure public availability of this information.

Proposed and Adopted Administrative Rules

Iowa College Aid recommends that the public subscribe to “Administrative Rules Changes via Email” at Select “College Student Aid Commission,” provide an e-mail address, and select “subscribe.”

This site will provide updates to subscribers each time a change to an Administrative Rule is proposed or adopted by Iowa College Aid.

If you have questions about Iowa College Aid's Administrative Rules, please contact the Agency Rules Administrator:

Todd Brown
Division Administrator
Iowa College Student Aid Commission
475 SW Fifth St., Suite D
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 725-3405